CTM Rockstar 1706

Rockstar De-Stoner / Separator Instructional Videos

Using new machinery will always be a challenge.

We know that the new machinery will be easier to use, better for business and have improved capabilities. However, that doesn’t always mean the new machinery will come without new things to learn.

Here at CTM Root Crop Systems, we speak to lots of customers that have purchased a new Rockstar De-Stoner / Separator machine from us. They are excited to get it out on the field and use it and are quickly impressed with what it can do.

Then you need to park the Rockstar De-Stoner / Separator, or you want to put it into the transport or road position, and can’t remember how to do it don’t panic.
Of course, you are always welcome to phone us, and we can talk you through the process over the phone. However, many of our customers learn how to use the Rockstar De-Stoner / Separator by seeing it and doing it themselves.

This is why we have created a series of videos that can be found on YouTube. These are Rockstar De-Stoner / Separator instructional videos and troubleshooting guides. Each video is around 1 to 2 minutes in length and helps with the most common questions that we are asked about.

The Rockstar De-Stoner / Separator instructional videos that you can find on YouTube include the following;
• How to detach the machinery from your tractor
• How to enter the services page
• How to operate various functions from field mode
• How to put the machinery into transport or road position
• How to steer the machinery in transport/road position

If you are using your Rockstar De-Stoner / Separator in the field and you’re not sure how to get onto a specific function, or you’ve forgotten how to view the services then pop onto YouTube. All our Rockstar De-Stoner / Separator instructional videos are clearly laid out and easy to understand.
Our YouTube channel is often updated with new videos so keep an eye on the page for latest videos to answer your questions;

You can see all of our Video’s here:

For our complete playlist of how too’s for the CTM Rockstar, you can find that here