Norfolk farms Change to The Ropa Panther 2

Two Norfolk farms growing more than 800ha of sugar beet between
them have swapped harvester brands after almost 20 years loyal to a
previous manufacturer.Norfolk farms Demo the The Panther 2

Harry said that with CTM based just
a few miles away it made sense to consider the brand, but that excellent
back-up from the dealer for the farms’ four CTM-manufactured cleaner
loaders experienced over many years was also a factor.
“The demonstration allowed comparison of our previous machine
with an equivalent model from the Ropa range in the same  eld and it was
quickly obvious that we could increase output but use signicantly less fuel,” he explained……
The farms’ latest acquisition is a brand new Ropa Panther 2, supplied by sole importer CTM Harpley Engineering Ltd, and is the  first of its type to be delivered in the UK. Read the full article here Read More…..