CTM Unveils Groundbreaking “Optimus” Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader

Embarking on a new era in sugar beet technology, CTM proudly introduces the Optimus – a state-of-the-art Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader. Following 25 years of success with the CTM9000 series, the Optimus is designed to tackle the evolving challenges faced by modern farmers during the harvesting process.

Named Optimus for a reason, this cutting-edge model has exceptional cleaning and loading capabilities. As farming methods and campaign durations have evolved over the past two decades, CTM recognises the need for innovation to stay ahead in the market.

Key Features of the CTM Optimus:

  1. Optimised Design: The Optimus minimises leaf build-up with features like an open construction exoskeletal elevator and new extraction options, including a star wheel unit.
  2. Versatility: This new model offers a range of options, such as a variable displacement hydraulic pump, additional star wheel cleaning, fast-change PRECLEANER, and self-levelling capabilities.
  3. Enhanced Efficiency: Compared to the current market-leading CTM900XL, the Optimus boasts a longer elevator, larger hopper, longer spiral rollers, double-capacity fuel tank, and a lower revving engine for improved efficiency.
  4. Manoeuvrability: Retaining the second rear axle for stability and self-drive ability, the Optimus introduces simulated differential action for vastly improved manoeuvrability in wet conditions.

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